2021 is Looking Bright – 7 Secret Tips to Give Your Smile a Glow-Up!

smile glowup with dental veneers

Ready for an Instant Glow-Up?

Ever wondered how movie stars get those perfect Hollywood smiles. Surely the likes of Tom Cruise, Jennifer Garner and Emily Blunt must be spending vast sums of money on constant cosmetic work to keep those pearly whites gleaming.

Well, they could certainly afford it. But the truth is they’ve discovered the key to a winning smile that doesn’t cost the Earth or need ongoing maintenance. 

16 June 2021

The Secret...


We’re now going to let you in on the secret that the rich and famous would rather you didn’t know about…  porcelain dental veneers.

After all, if porcelain veneers can take celeb smiles to a new level, they can do the same for you in 2021, with a fast, affordable and long-lasting smile makeover that can last for many years. So, without further ado, here are seven ways veneers can give your smile an extra sparkle – tips that famous names would like to keep under wraps!

Tip #1: Veneers Hide Imperfections

Wafter-thin shells that are fitted over the front of teeth, veneers are ideal for masking dental flaws such as worn teeth, chipped teeth and irregularly shaped teeth.

girls smiling with dental veneers

Tip #2: Veneers Can Close Gaps

Veneers can enhance your smile by filling smaller, unsightly gaps between your teeth. Tooth bonding can also close these gaps but it tends not to last as long as veneers.

Tip #3: Veneers Have Staying Power

Veneers are bonded to your teeth with a special glue and a curing light for a strong, long-lasting hold. They keep your smile shining throughout 2021 – and the next dozen or so years!

Tip #4: Veneers Look Natural

Veneers are custom made to closely match the colour of your teeth to give you a natural-looking smile. They also reflect light in the same way as tooth enamel.

Tip #5: Veneers Whiten Your Smile

Not everyone’s teeth respond well to whitening agents. Veneers conceal tooth staining or discolouration to give you that bright movie-star smile.

Tip #6: Veneers Protect Your Teeth

Veneers give your teeth a robust extra layer of protection that can prevent further damage such as chipping.

Tip #7: Veneers Resist Staining

dental veneers smile

Unlike your natural teeth, veneers are stain-resistant, keeping you smiling in confidence throughout 2021 and well beyond.

Ready to Look Like a Movie Star?

Now you know some of the secrets behind those celebrity smiles, you might want to take advantage of the multiple benefits of porcelain veneers yourself. And there’s nothing to stop you, provided your teeth and gums are basically healthy and you don’t tend to clench or grind your teeth.

Teeth can typically be prepared for modern porcelain veneers without anaesthesia and with minimal modification to tooth structure – and the state-of-the-art technology behind porcelain veneers means they’re far more effective than their dated composite counterparts.

Contact Porcelain Veneers Sydney if you want a Hollywood A-lister smile fast, at a fraction of the cost of some other cosmetic dental treatments and make your 2021 – and well beyond – look brighter a whole lot brighter.

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